Collaborative efforts among residents, organisations and authorities to prevent crime, address safety concerns, and promote well-being within a community.

Victim support is a crucial aspect of creating safe and empowered communities. In addition to strategies like neighbourhood watch programs and crime prevention initiatives, victim support services provide essential assistance to individuals who have experienced harm or trauma due to criminal activity.

Community safety

Enhancing safety along commuting routes, ensuring individuals can travel without fear or concern. Through strategic infrastructure development, implementation of crime prevention measures, and fostering positive social behaviors, we create environments where commuters feel secure and confident during their journeys.

School patrol

Prioritizing the safety of individuals, particularly children, during their journeys to and from school or home. We recognize the importance of creating secure commuting spaces where children can travel without fear or concern for their well-being.

Court assistance

Services and support provided to individuals involved in legal proceedings, such as legal advice, guidance, or representation, to help them navigate the court system effectively.

Victim support

Comprehensive assistance and care to individuals who have experienced victimization, addressing their physical, emotional, and psychological needs. This support includes immediate assistance, counseling, legal aid, referral services, and advocacy to ensure victims' well-being and recovery.

41 Children’s Court investigations were undertaken and finalised


Children who had been reported as potentially in need of care and protection.


Victims of GBV received intervention through counselling, referral for possible prosecution and reporting to the Family Violence Court.


Children had been successfully reunited with their fathers after court referred mediation processes.

78 volunteers trained in community safety, identification of vulnerable groups.

As well as conditions set out about children in the Children’s Act.

Participation in the following National Day celebrations:

Youth Day

Women’s Day

Older Person's Day

Mandela’s Day

Child Protection Week

16 Days of Activism Against Violence Against Women and Children

Know your rights

One of our core functions is to support the effective implementation of South Africa’s legislative policies with regard to children’s rights.


The Children’s Act is designed to give effect to certain rights of children, as contained in the Constitution, as well as to set out principles relating to the care and protection of children, and to define parental responsibilities and rights.

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