Preventive measures to reduce the risk of harm to children, including awareness campaigns, educational programs, and the establishment of support services for families and communities. 

These efforts include both preventive measures to mitigate risks and intervention strategies to address instances of abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Statutory services

Mandated roles provided by professionals like social workers and counselors to support children and families involved in legal proceedings. These services ensure the welfare and best interests of children are upheld according to the law.


The process of safely reuniting children placed in alternative care, like foster care, with their biological or extended families when it's in the child's best interest. It involves assessments, planning, and support services to ensure a successful return to the family environment.

Parenting training

Educational programs aimed at enhancing parenting skills and promoting children's well-being through topics such as child development and positive discipline.


Families formed part of Prevention and Early Intervention services; focusing on strengthening of families and preservation of the family system.


Children had been successfully reunited with their fathers after court referred mediation processes.


Children who had been reported as potentially in need of care and protection.

Know your rights

One of our core functions is to support the effective implementation of South Africa’s legislative policies with regard to children’s rights.


The Children’s Act is designed to give effect to certain rights of children, as contained in the Constitution, as well as to set out principles relating to the care and protection of children, and to define parental responsibilities and rights.

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