The means and resources people use to secure their basic needs while maintaining the long-term health of their environment and communities.

It involves the ability to access and manage resources effectively, generate income, and adapt to changes and challenges while maintaining the integrity of ecosystems and social systems.

Service programs

Provide specific assistance or support to individuals, groups, or communities to address particular needs, often with a focus on achieving positive social, educational, or health outcomes.

Feeding schemes

Currently we have 24 community soup kitchens, feeding up to 65 000 meals per month, 90% children.

Job creation

Opportunities under social employment fund initiatives.


Community and home gardens to improve food security, build community bonds, and teach gardening skills. These initiatives enhance access to fresh food, foster self-sufficiency, and promote community interaction.

Health & hygiene

Health and hygiene programs to educate communities on proper hygiene practices and distribute hygiene kits for better sanitation and disease prevention.

Feeding Schemes

Stellcare Food Point

Stellcare Food Drive

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