Diverting children away from child and youth care centers (often referred to as children's homes) and the criminal justice system.

This involves implementing alternative interventions and support mechanisms to address the underlying issues that may lead to their involvement in these systems. This approach recognises that children and youth may face various challenges, such as family instability, poverty, substance abuse, or behavioural issues, which can increase their vulnerability to entering child and youth care centers or coming into contact with the criminal justice system.

Family support

Strengthening families through counseling, parenting programs, and support services to address underlying issues that contribute to family breakdown or instability. By empowering families to address challenges and strengthen bonds, children are more likely to remain in stable and nurturing home environments.

Early intervention

Implementing early intervention programs aimed at identifying and addressing issues affecting children and youth before they escalate. This may involve providing counseling, mentoring, educational support, and recreational activities to promote positive development and prevent involvement in negative behaviors.

Community-based services

Alternatives to child and youth care centers and the criminal justice system by providing youth centers, recreation programs, vocational training, and employment opportunities. These services engage children and youth in positive activities, supporting their personal and social development.


Families formed part of Prevention and Early Intervention services; focusing on strengthening of families and preservation of the family system.


School drop-outs engage in intervention services.


Children and (their families) who are in alternative care (foster care and child and youth care centres) received multiple services.

Know your rights

One of our core functions is to support the effective implementation of South Africa’s legislative policies with regard to children’s rights.


The Children’s Act is designed to give effect to certain rights of children, as contained in the Constitution, as well as to set out principles relating to the care and protection of children, and to define parental responsibilities and rights.

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